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Our Story



Originality, personality, and flair have always been part of the Sugarfoot lifestyle.

Our quest is to enrich you with an unforgettable experience in your pursuit to BE YOU!

Sugarfoot was birthed from a little girls love of shoes and all things sparkly! My Grandmother was the ultimate fashionista (before the term was even coined)! Her closet (as she would call it) was a converted bedroom loaded with racks crammed with furs, intricate hand-sewn suits and a slew of shoes. I would spend countless hours playing dress up trying on her big hats, her gaudy jewelry and every pair of shoes that she owned even the brand new ones that she explicitly told me not to touch! It was all so completely irresistible!


So, even though it's years later I am still playing dress up... just in a much bigger closet. ~ Viola Esdaille, Owner

Our desire is that every time you slip on a pair of our handpicked shoes or accessories you feel like a million bucks. With affordable prices and first-class customer service, you can keep your look current and stylish even on a budget. After all, every girl deserves to find her solemate!

My Grandmother, Viola J. Young

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